Starting the Car Buying Process

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There is nothing so vital in many areas of the world as a car. And when you go without one for a while, you realize just how important having a car is. Cars help you get to a job, have more shopping choices, travel to entertainment.  Living without a car has been a bit of a challenge.


So now it’s time for me to begin the search for a decent used car.


Before I start the actual car search, I made a list of important features that I’ll need here in the mountain area of Pennsylvania.


  • Four-wheel drive is high on the priority list. It can snow a lot here and that’s just not something I’m used to. Having the ability to drive up some of the steep roads is a must in the winter.
  • Seating for at least 5 but preferably 7. Most of the time it’s just me and the girls but eventually the boys may visit or friends may come along. Having enough room in the car is important.
  • Cargo room for lots of groceries or even small furniture. I like to shop at the Amish Bent and Dent Stores every other week and will need room in the car to get the stuff home. No one wants to say, “Oh I can’t buy that, not enough room in my car.”
  • Looks nice.  What can I say, no one wants to drive an ugly car.
  • Automatic transmission.  I never learned to drive a manual.
  • Must pass state inspection.



I considered searching the local used car lots but without a car that can be hard. And of course you can’t always find exactly what you are looking for.

Because so much of my life is spent online, I decided to start my search at

What an awesome resource! I can look for cars that meet my criteria without leaving the house. Once I find a car that I like, I can email or call the dealer or owner and make an appointment to see it. No more hunting blindly!

I found these vehicles in my recent search:





Looking for a new to me car is not easy. But at least will make the process a lot less painful. And right now that is a huge stress reliever for this crazy momma.


Do you have any car buying suggestions for me?


How did you find your last car?

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