Staying at Loews Hotel in Atlanta

Not too long ago, I was given a scholarship by i5 publishing to attend the BarkWorld conference in Atlanta.


The wonderful people  at Barkworld always choose a pet-friendly hotel to host their  conference each year. This year’s hotel was the Loews located at 1065 Peachtree Street NE in downtown Atlanta.

Loews Atlanta
Loews Atlanta

I flew in to Atlanta and used the MARTA to get to the hotel since it is conveniently located right at the airport. From the midtown Marta stop, it is only 2 quick blocks to the Loews hotel. (unless, like me, you head in the wrong direction LOL)

"Midtown MARTA Station - Peachtree Place entrance" by DeKalb at en.wikipedia. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons -
“Midtown MARTA Station – Peachtree Place entrance” by DeKalb at en.wikipedia. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons –




After quickly checking in at the front desk, I was headed to the 18th floor to check out my room.


I must say,  I was quite pleased once I got the door open. Getting the door open was a bit of a challenge though. My keycard seemed to have a mind of it’s own and I had to make several attempts to get the door to unlatch. This happened each time I went to my room. Every time I got to the point of “one more try and I’m going to the front desk”, it worked.

The view once I got the door open was amazing! The room looked so cozy and inviting! I was almost sad to have to go back downstairs for the conference. (almost)

Loews hotel Atlanta

My room was had a King bed and floor to ceiling windows.  The view was terrific.


In the bathroom, there was both a shower and a full size bathtub. AND, get this, there was even a tv in the bathroom. How cool is that?


I never did get around to turning on that tv though. I was just so busy with the conference.

Also in the room is a mini Keurig coffee maker. I have the exact same hotel coffee maker in my home and I can tell you it works great.

The chair in the room was just perfect for me. I have short legs and need to put my feet up as often as possible. Otherwise they dangle and barely touch the floor. I really enjoyed sitting in that corner, writing blog posts and looking out the window.



The room was so clean that it felt brand new. That doesn’t happen too often. The sheets and towels and even the floor mats were a very crisp white. I was almost afraid to use them.  Almost LOL



The housekeeping staff was very pleasant as was every other member of the Loews staff.  On several occasions, staff members halted their private conversation as I approached so that they could engage me in conversation. It was very refreshing.



While at the conference, I took notice of several staff members going out of their way to assist others. They were always right on top of everything. Even holding leashes for guests when needed.


I can’t wait to stay at this wonderful hotel again next year for Barkworld, October 12-15, 2016.



Want to know more about the Barkworld Conference?  You can see part 1 of my recap here.





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