Emeals to the Rescue!

  As a busy mom of 7, finding the time to plan out dinner for the week can be difficult. Even impossible at times. Thank goodness I discovered Emeals! Now with emeals, I can serve up healthy meals for my family without going too crazy trying to plan in advance. Emeals sends an email once a week with a menu and…   wait for it..     A shopping list for your preferred grocery store, in my case, Publix. A completed shopping list is an awesome advantage. It saves so […]

Kids Bowl Free All Summer

If you are anything like me, you are already stressing about what to do with your kids this summer. I swear, if I hear “I’m bored!” one more time…   Of course, for a large family, money is always going to be a factor too. Never Fear! Kids Bowl Free! That’s right, free, as in nothing, no charge, no money! How awesome is that! Your kids can bowl 2 games everyday, all summer, for free. The only thing you have to pay for is the shoe rental. If you are […]

How to Become a Couponer

Notice I didn’t say “Extreme Couponer”. There is a reason for that. While I think it’s great to save money and to get things for free, I do not agree with the selfish methods that you see featured on that show. Stockpiling 10-20 of something is fine. 200+ is just plain selfish. IN other words, if you have more than a years supply of toothpaste, hand lotion, or diapers for a baby that you don’t even have, then you are being a bit ridiculous in my opinion. That being said, […]