Disney on Ice: An Awesome Show!

This is a sponsored post.   Are you a Disney fan? Do you enjoy watching figure skaters work their magic on ice?  Why not combine the two and see   Disney on Ice!   This is an incredible show. My kids and I loved it. My husband was mesmerized too!  We took these  incredible pictures on opening night, Thursday May 15, 2014 here in Tampa.   My daughter Emily, 12,  said that she felt like she was a part of the action. That  she was a princess on ice too!  […]

Don’t Miss Disney on Ice Coming May 15-18

This is a sponsored post.           Disney on Ice will be here in Tampa soon.   How soon? The show will begin May 15th and run through May 18th. It will be at the amazing Tampa Bay Times Forum.     I, for one, can’t wait! To make the time pass quicker, I’ve been looking for activities to entertain the girls. Even though I’m a midlife blogger, I still enjoy coloring with the girls. That’s why these coloring pages were perfect for us. Just click on […]

Disney on Ice is Coming to Tampa

 This is a sponsored post.     Ice Skating. I’ve been enamored with it since I was little. I mean who isn’t fascinated by the beauty and fluidity of gliding figure skaters.   And then there is Disney. EVERYONE loves Disney! My kids can quote most Disney movies word for word. We are a Disney loving household for sure.   Put the two together and you get…   Disney on Ice!   I am unbelievably excited for Disney on Ice! I know, I know, I’m just a huge kid in […]