7 Must Have Android Apps for Bloggers

        As a blogger, it’s often hard to wade through the thousands upon thousands of Android apps to find ones that are useful and relevant to daily life. More often than not,we now use our smartphones for everything. Here is a list of 7 apps that I’ve found very useful. They are not in any particular order. Dolphin Browser A fast and smooth web browser for your phone. Includes a personalized home screen and gesture control. WordPress Most bloggers (including me) prefer to use WordPress for their […]

Dear Teacher

Dear Teacher, Thank you for taking on the challenge of educating my kids this year. I know that it isn’t an easy job and that the pay probably stinks too. But yet you still manage to make it look somewhat easy. As a parent of 7, I have had kids enrolled in the school system continuously for 17+ years. After this long, I couldn’t help but develop some ideas on how to make the school year smoother for both of us. I will be dealing with approximately 25 individual teachers […]

A look back at my very first blog post

I was looking through all of the blogs that I’ve had over the years ( yeah, maybe I got a bit of a blogging problem) and I found what I think is my very first blog post. It was quite a few years ago and quite a few blogs ago too. and it goes something like this… Everyone’s doing it… so I thought I’d give it a try too. Blogging that is… I’m on a quest to save the most money that I can without being to crazy about it. […]