How To Prepare For An Extended Power Outage

    As I sit here writing this post, Hurricane Irma is baring down on Florida. People are stressed. And panicked. And seemingly preparing for the end of the world. In a lot of the wrong ways unfortunately.   What do I mean by that? Well um, I don’t want to look down on other people’s ideas of what survival food is, but really Ramen Noodles?! In bulk. Come on no one wants to eat that for a week. And buying 24 cases of bottled water? when you never drink […]

Hurricane Isaac

Ready or not, Hurricane Isaac is on it’s way. Right now it is projected to head into the Gulf and towards Louisiana. It will be missing us here in Western Florida although we will be getting tropical force winds and rains. After living in Florida for 10+ years, we’ve come to expect an occasional tropical storm and/or hurricane. We generally stay prepared throughout the season (June 1-Nov 1) Last year in school Megan learned about storms and their categories. This is her take on things. Tropical storm- It’s gonna rain and […]