Let’s All Stay On Track For a Safe Summer!

Last week, we were invited to Shriners Hospital for ChildrenĀ® in Tampa to learn about their On Track for a Safe Summer campaign. In this sponsored post, I’ll be sharing the great tips that I learned on how to keep your family safe this summer.       As I’m sure you’re all well aware, it is summer vacation for all of our school age kids. So when I asked my girls, Emily and Megan, to get up early I was prepared for a bit of grumbling. But when they […]

Don’t Tease Me Cause I’m Different

I was cleaning out my draft folder this morning and I found this post written in September 2012 but never published. I thought I’d share it today.       Having small children can certainly be a learning experience. The wisdom contained in such small bodies is often a lot more profound than most people know.   I learn a lot by just listening in to the conversations that go on in my house. For example this is what one child had to say to another yesterday.     “People […]

A Visit to the Circus

  Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus Just the name alone inspires awe and excitement in me. I’ve been enthralled with the circus since I was a small kid. I’ve always wanted to take my kids to the circus and I was finally able to do just that on New Year’s Day, no less. From the moment we entered the Tampa Bay Times Forum, we had a great time. We got there a little later than I wanted so the girls weren’t able to take part in the meet […]