Let’s All Stay On Track For a Safe Summer!

Last week, we were invited to Shriners Hospital for Children® in Tampa to learn about their On Track for a Safe Summer campaign. In this sponsored post, I’ll be sharing the great tips that I learned on how to keep your family safe this summer.       As I’m sure you’re all well aware, it is summer vacation for all of our school age kids. So when I asked my girls, Emily and Megan, to get up early I was prepared for a bit of grumbling. But when they […]

When did I grow older?

As I stand here waiting to go into the school for the sixth (6, really?) time to see one of my kids graduate elementary school, I can’t help but wonder when I had time to grow old?!? It seems like such a short time ago that I was still in high school. I see the faces of those that I went to school with on their Facebook pages and sorry but -damn, they look so old! I didn’t age that much, did I? I know I’ve put on a few […]

Yeah, I let my Kid use Facebook.

  It’s true. I caved. My 10year old now has her own Facebook page. I always swore I wouldn’t be “one of those” parents. You know, breaking the rules for my kid. Just cause “everyone else is doing it” But that was the problem…Everyone else WAS doing it. So at first I just let her use my Facebook page to communicate with her friends. That worked well. At First. Then they were all playing the games together. You know the ones?  With the super annoying game requests? Yeah those… Wasn’t […]