The A/C Saga has a happy ending!

I don’t know how many of you  were following the saga of my broken air conditioning system on twitter, but it finally has a happy ending thanks to Brian at Prestige Air Conditioning and Heating. I finally could not take any more of the heat so I called Prestige yesterday. Brian came out first thing this morning. (okay maybe it really wasn’t first thing for you morning people, but for those of us who routinely stay up past 3 am, 10 am is first thing in the morning!) He looked at the A/C unit and added 7 pounds of freon.

Of course, eventually my whole A/C system will need to be replaced. But for the rest of the summer at least, we will be cool.  He was really polite too. I was still dressed in my grubby tshirt and shorts and definitely not fit for public viewing LOL.  He never even flinched at the frumpiness in front of him. He took the time to explain everything to me in laymans terms.


Thankfully, I had already had my required 2 cups of coffee before he got here. Otherwise, there would have no telling if I would have even been able to form a complete sentence.

So all told, the daggone air conditioner has cost me over $400. I guess that is better than buying a new unit but it would have made a decent down payment on one.  The final tally is… $230 to Prestige, $100 to Radwell for 2 parts,  $50 to a local parts store for a power supply and another $30 for another part online.

Was it worth it? Oh hell yeah! Now I can get more done during the day. No more feeling like I’m gonna sweat to death. And that, my friends, is more than worth it!
Happy Wife, Happy Life Tin Sign
Happy Wife, Happy Life


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