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I had an interesting conversation this morning.Another mom and I were lamenting our babies growing up. How we are going to miss certain things from when our children were little. It seems like as parents we are always focused on our children’s firsts. The first word, the first tooth, the first time they crawl, walk,smile, go to school etc
In the day to day of life, we never stop to really think of the lasts in our children’s lives. Sometimes they seem more important than the firsts. The last time you changed a diaper, do you remember? I don’t… The last bottle that you held for your baby. The baby so gradually takes over holding their own bottle that you don’t really notice until you haven’t held that bottle for so long. 
Baby meal time
I can’t remember the last time  I swung a toddler up onto my hip to carry her. I never thought I’d miss those days, but I do. It doesn’t seem like a big deal at the time, but it really was.
I know that there are so many first to look forward to, but there are also so many lasts too. I just hope to live each day with the awareness that every moment is important not just the dramatic ones. You never know when it will be a last…
Savor every moment…yes even those times that you wish that they would just grow up already. Because they will..and you will miss it.

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