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Here in Florida, it’s entirely possible to garden almost year round. Except for the few day of freeze that we have, there really isn’t a dormant period. I love to get the seed catalogs in the mail so that I can dream up the perfect garden. My family can tell you that I’m far from perfect, however.
My new favorite catalog is from Garden’s Alive. It comes with a $25 gift certificate to use on your first purchase. Nothing like free to get your garden growing.

I will be getting some tomato seeds from Tomato Bob’s as well as some various vegetable seeds from Heirloom Seeds. I love the planning stages of gardening, it’s the actual doing that I sometimes have trouble with.
I’ve already picked up a couple of grape vines from Walmart. They were only $5 each. Of course, the kids want to know when they can have grapes fresh from the vine. I had to tell them that it may take a few years before there are any substantial amounts of grapes growing. They weren’t too happy about that.
The rototiller is ready… The day is approaching.. Wish me luck!

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