>Time for a new camera

>Well it finally happened. Yet another camera has decided it will no longer be subjected to the torment that is my family. Cameras don’t last long in my family. They just tend to quit. Don’t know why…Too much for them to take after a while, I guess.

My last camera was a KODAK Easy Share C813 8.2 mp and 5x zoom.

It worked wonderfully for a few years but then just wouldn’t power up any more. Maybe it’s all the sand ,who knows? Took good pics though.

I think this time I want something with at least 14 mp. Maybe 7x zoom?  I would like something that is easy to upload to Facebook and YouTube with as well.  I’ve seen a few that are waterproof as well. That may be a good idea. I will be researching more this week and decide by next Wednesday. I’ll let you know…

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