Type A Conference Wallflowers

Type A conference was awesome.  I think I’ve said that like a bazillion times by now, but it is so true! The last night there, Save-a-Lot (yes Save-a-Lot!) threw an incredible after party. I love shopping at Save-a-Lot. I think that they were an awesome secret sponsor and did I mention that it was awesome? In case you forgot, IT WAS AWESOME! There are so many other words that I could use to describe it, but I personally think that the word awesome really sums it up best. The music and the food and the dancing. Oh my the dancing…

So many people stayed and were dancing their tushies off. It was so fun.


So why were we wallflowers? Why weren’t WE dancing much? Wellll…


I’m paranoid overly cautious that’s why.

You see, the floor was shaking with so many people out there getting their groove on. and not a little.

A whole lotta shakin’ was goin’ on

I mean it was like a freaking trampoline on that floor. All I could think about is those stories that you read in newspapers. Floor collapses at Conference.  I was already envisioning the headlines Floor gives way at Blogger Conference. No one left to tweet about it.

I did dance once but I was just a little too scared  uncomfortable with the shaking to dance much more. In an effort to allay some of our fears, we were told that the bounce was because there is nothing underneath the ballroom floor but a subway type tunnel.  Uh, that did not help at all. So now I gotta worry about falling into a subway tunnel??  Like seriously? No thanks.


Yeah, I know I was probably just a little irrational but still.. it happens..and even though I may be crazy, I am not carefree.Like ever. I am always thinking of what could happen and how I would deal with said happening.

I plan out in my head for all sorts of eventualities. ( that’s an odd word lol) Like what to do in case of a floor collapse. (get close to a support wall, duh)

So we were wallflowers. We had fun hanging out, talking, laughing and watching.

And we were prepared to tweet about it. Just in Case…


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