Welcoming Fall



Fall brings many images to mind.


The changing leaves.

The cool days.

The sheer beauty and poetry of one season giving way to another.

The knowledge that snow may be coming.

One of the things that I really miss about living in Pennsylvania and Northwestern New York is fall.

I miss those things, but yet I enjoy the nearly perpetual summer that occurs in Florida. Although it may not seem like it, Florida does experience a seasonal change too.

It’s nearly mid-October and in Florida that means cooler weather should be on the horizon soon. Temperatures are “only ” reaching the high 80’s now and the humidity is finally dropping.

There is a lovely contrast of green trees coupled with the few trees that do change colors and lose their leaves.

The temperatures get low enough to wear a light jacket.

The air feels crisper and drier.

and then there’s the birds..

LOTS of birds will be making a stop here in my town soon. They will only stay a week or two, maybe a month at most, while on their way further south. In Northern states, robins herald spring. Here, they come twice a year. Fall and the end of winter.

By Melvin Yap via Flickr Creative Commons
By Melvin Yap via Flickr Creative Commons

There will be hundreds of robins soon. In the trees, in the yards, on the wires.

All singing at once. A delightful cacophony of the changing season. Letting us know that they welcome fall and all of the changes that come with it.

And I will outside as often as possible reveling in the wonder that is the new season and contemplating how blessed we all are that we get to share this remarkable time with Mother Earth.


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