What are Your Words for the Year?

At the beginning of January every year, there are tons of blog posts and Facebook status updates from bloggers announcing the word or words of the year.

Last year my word was do.

This year, I felt that 3 words would better suit my needs:









Mt. Ararat PA view


While I'm great at the busyness of blogging, I'm not so good about the business. Click To Tweet

While I’m great at the busyness of blogging, I’m not so good about the business. That’s where my first word comes in:


Focusing on the important tasks that relate to the money making aspects of blogging.  Those should be the priority of any professional blogger.When you work from home,there are many distractions. Dirty dishes, laundry and omg the food in the kitchen calls to me! And then we all know how much of a time waster Facebook can be. All it takes is just checking Facebook “for a minute” before you start doing the important things. Next thing you know, hours have passed without anything getting done.

One of the best solutions that I have found is to get out of the house to get my writing done. I know that sounds counter-intuitive but for it me, it works. I will often head to a library to better focus.  I get so much more done because I’m able to focus on the important tasks.

This year I will focus on the important tasks by heading to the library at least twice a week until I notice a change for the better while working at home.


This leads me to my second word:



Not being consistent has really stifled my blog’s growth in the past. Not posting on a regular schedule tends to drive traffic away.

If you aren't in front of people on a regular basis, they will not remember to come back! Click To Tweet

I really haven’t had much issue with this in the past because I didn’t take my blog all that seriously. Now however? I want to be taken as a serious blogger. I’ve done a lot of soul searching in the past couple of months and I’ve found where I want to belong. (it’s only taken me 5 years folks!)

I want to be one of  the “cool kids” so to speak. That means actually trying to stick to a schedule. Hence the twice a week to the library commitment..


Of course, for me, getting to the library twice a week also leads me into my third word:



I want to say yes to more opportunities. Life should always be an adventure. Just going to the library twice a week will be an adventure.


I do not have regular daily access to a car. I will be once again taking the bus quite often. This in and of itself can be quite an adventure.

I also intend to travel a lot this year. I will be making at least quarterly trips to the Pittsburgh area from Tampa to visit my family. Thanks to Spirit airlines! You can check out all of the great rates for different airlines using the cheapflights box on the right sidebar(affiliate link) Maybe you can go adventuring somewhere this year too!


I also want to add to my sense of adventure by saying “yes” to more opportunities. I have a weird fear of public speaking that has caused me to say no or “I think about it” when it comes to speaking opportunities. I want to say yes this year.

If you see me somewhere this year and I make a complete fool of myself, just smile and nod, k? Cause it will still be an adventure for me no matter what!



Well there you have it, my words for the year.


What are your words this year? Comment and let me know!


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