What do You Call a Blogger if She Doesn’t Blog?

depress Wow, what a loaded question! This is what I’ve been thinking about for a while, can I really still call myself a blogger? I haven’t written anything for such a very long time. Of course that means no one is really reading this today. I’ll pause here to listen..


<crickets chirping in the background>


Nope, no one there. But that’s okay. I’m here.. and that’s what matters most right now.

I will admit to you that I have been struggling again. Struggling with depression. Struggling with anxiety. Struggling with perfectionism. Struggling with apathy.


All at the same time!

And it sucks.

But I won’t give up. I’ve come back swinging. I promise to return each day with some sort of update. even if it’s just one word. Because, damn it,


I will succeed and be back stronger than ever!


And maybe, just maybe, I will write something worth reading.

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