When is the last time you rollerskated?

Over the weekend, we went to the local roller skating rink as a family. What fun!

Stepping into Rainbow Rollerland is like stepping into the past. The decor is very retro. I don’t think much has changed since the 80’s. But it works. The kids keep coming back week after week.

It  was a Saturday night and the place was hopping. Only $6 per child for 4 hours of skating. During the day it’s only $3.50 admission which is so extremely cheap for hours of family fun and entertainment.

Even better? Skate rental is free and parents are free too!

Megan getting her skates on


I like to skate with the kids. It is a total blast from the past to be getting up on those skates after so many years. I admit it did take a few minutes to get the hang of it all over again.

The last time I skated? 1987 or there about. Yep 25 years had gone by and I can still skate. Of course, my center of gravity has shifted a little. (Okay a lot) It is a great form of exercise though.


And it’s FUN!

A Whole lotta fun!


The floor can stand to have a little work done on it, but I don’t think the owners could afford to do so and still keep the prices so low. And really, I think the parents would prefer the low prices over a new floor.

Rainbow Rollerland also hosts birthday parties. In fact, Megan will be celebrating her 8th birthday there this year. She is really looking forward to it and is so excited. She even gets a t-shirt for holding her party there. She has not stopped talking about it all summer.

Do you have a local roller rink? When is the last time you took your kids skating?

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    1. Ouch! Thankfully, I haven’t fallen (yet). Emily,10,fell hard on her, um, pride? this weekend and she says it still hurts.

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