>Who is that in the mirror?!? Abe Vigoda?!?


It seems like once we become moms, we learn the fine art of making excuses for ourselves. Being the mom of 7, I have become an expert at it. Using the kids as an excuse is in and of itself unexcusable. Time for ourselves is as important if not more important than time for the kids. After all, if we don’t take care of ourselves, eventually we won’t be able to take care of them either.
I had a total wake up call this week with the discovery of Audrey at www.momgenerations.com My sense of style, what little there was, died a little more with the birth of each child. By now, I wear my husbands old t-shirts and the same type of pants that my mom has been wearing since the 70’s. The only difference between my mom’s pants and mine is the hers are still polyester and mine are cotton. My pants may feel better but hers definitely look better. Can you say wrinkles?
Shoes? I only wear a pair of those exercise shoes. You know the ones with the funny looking heels? Supposed to lift and tone? Uh not really doin’ much for me… and can you say ugly? Haven’t worn heels in years. No place to wear them. Occasionally I will wear flats but again that hasn’t happened in at least 6 months.
Stopped plucking my eyebrows too. Why bother? No longer working a “real” job so I don’t have to see many people in a day. Looked in the mirror earlier this week and saw Abe Vigoda staring back at me! Huge bushy eyebrows and no makeup at all. Can’t remember the last time I bothered with makeup either. Why? Lazy? Tired? No time? All BS excuses! I no longer feel good about myself so therefore I let myself go. Because I let myself go, I no longer feel good about myself…See the catch 22 forming?
I finally decided to get my hair out of the perpetual ponytail and into a style yesterday. Thought about getting the old lady mom-style hair cut. You know the one? Short no muss no fuss? No style either! Gonna leave it long and style it the way that I’ve seen done on videos online.
Got my teeth fixed finally last July. I put that off for years. I hate getting dental work done. Still need some more things done this year but I can now smile without feeling like hiding my teeth. I have hated getting pictures taken of me because of the way my teeth looked. Now I don’t mind the teeth, it’s the rest of me that needs fixed!
Here’s to renewing and reinventing my image this year!

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