Win Silk Laminated Business Cards!


Last year, I was lucky enough to win a set of great, high quality, SILK laminated business cards from Elite Flyers that I will be handing out at the Type A Conference next month. These cards are so sturdy and colorful. They are seriously top of the line cards. Definitely not in the same league as those “just pay shipping cards” They even hold up fairly well after being spilled on. (Don’t ask how I know this, lol)

These cards really make a lasting impression.

Donell was a pleasure to work with and the turn around time was amazingly fast. I had the cards in less than a week.Imagine that, double sided custom ordered cards in less than a week!

I can’t even begin to explain to you how much you NEED these cards.

Like seriously!


Even better? How about if they were FREE?!


Well, guess what?


Elite Flyers is giving away 3 sets of 1000 high quality SILK laminated business cards! Simply click here to go to their blog page and enter. You can enter up to 5 times.


They will announce the winners on September 6th, 2013


Good Luck!


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