Your very first blog post

Now you have a blog of your very own. But it’s empty.

So very empty

and lonely looking..

You need to post something. Anything really. You just need to get started.

sign in to blogger
click on start posting

At the top There is a block for a post title. I have been known to fill this in last on occasion. I want to get an idea of where my post is going before I title it. I will often just start writing and end up in a whole different direction from where I started.

You can fill it in whenever you want. Title it whatever you want. “My first blog post” ┬áif you can’t think of anything else.
In the big block, start writing your post. This is your blog so you can write about anything you want.

Some things to blog about?

Your cats.
Your hats
Your shoes..
The news..
Your dogs..
other blogs..
the price of tea
anything free
delicious food
being in a good mood

It’s YOUR blog.. write about what YOU want.
Don’t let anyone stop you from expressing yourself

Don’t worry, your first blog post does not have to be Pulitzer prize worthy. It just has to be yours.

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