Finally converted to WordPress!

I finally made the leap to WordPress. I have dreading  looking forward to doing this for a quite a while. It was a lot easier than I thought it was going to be. Now I will be plaing around and getting to know the wordpress format. Hopefully it will go smoothly. Feel free to clue me in to any tips or tricks that you may know.  

>Product review–Monkey tshirt

> Recently, I received a complimentary tshirt to review from .This monkey tshirt was grey and the printing on it is great. It has held up through several washes and wearings and still looks like new. I would definitely recommend this company for anyone needing custom tshirts made. The size did run a bit big, however. Keep this in mind when ordering. Overall, this was a great product and I will be wearing it for a long time to come. I did not receive any monetary compensation to review this product. […]

>Easter Eggs of “Spring Spheres”?

> Where are those pesky eggs? Today was the Easter egg hunt for first grade at school.At least at my kids’ school, they are still Easter Eggs. This year…Who know what they will decide to call them next year. Hopefully, there won’t be an issue about this but, with the way things are, you never know… The kids had a great time. That’s Megan there with her back turned, intently looking for eggs with her name on it. They are very smart at our school. Each egg has a child’s […]