Thoughts on School By Emily

I, Emily Bobbert actually think School is highly intelligent, fun and amazing! Just seeing a kid turn into something different it blows my mind.  My teachers Mr. Stabley, Mrs. Krienes,  Mrs. Ellis help me so much! Math, Science, and Reading are getting stepped up everyday. 5th grade is hard but I  fight back everyday. I feel bad for a kid that doesnt know as much, I want to help in every way. I love it when I see my friends , have fun, and learn at the same time! School means something to me […]

My Mom- Thoughts from Emily

My mom she proves that she can do so much. She actully cleans, cooks, blogs, and even takes care of 7 kids, I  mean she is amazing. It’s hard being a mother.   One thing I know is she loves all us kids and I can’t fight that. Just school supplies was a little over 200.00.  I  don’t understand why she has to do it all we need to take matter in your own hands.  Even though there is some hard things in life my mom makes it all work. […]