How to respond to job interview questions

Recently,  my sons Kyle and Sean have begun looking for their very first jobs. Of course with that comes the application and interview questions that are, um shall we say, odd?

You know the ones? That make no sense. Like really? Who would say that, “Oh yeah, I always steal from my employer. Of course I won’t work if I don’t want to that day. No, I won’t tell you if another employee is stealing.”

And then there is the ever-popular, “Why should we hire YOU?” question.

Today, because I couldn’t think of anything else to post, I asked Sean to blog his response to that question. Keep in mind he takes after his mom, an awesome smart-ass.

Why should someone hire you?

Why should someone hire me? Let me tell you why. I am highly skilled at everything I do. I’m also a very fast learner. I could learn how to do something new and master it in a relatively short amount of time. I have never been faced with any challenge, no matter how hard, that I haven’t been able to overcome, and I never will be faced with such a challenge. You know why? Because I can do anything. I’m just that great. I have a set of skills that contains almost every skill in the world. And if it doesn’t contain a skill that you need, I can get that skill and become better than you at  said skill in a shorter amount of time than it took you to learn the basics of that skill.
None of that previously mentioned stuff even begins to describe how great I am. My mother has a tattoo that says son. I have more experience in my beard alone (which is such a great beard, everyone always compliments it and wants to touch it) than a lesser man has in his entire body. I win trophies for my game face alone. I once punched a man in the face, and he had the overwhelming urge to thank me. Sasquatch tries to takes pictures of me. My words carry weight that would break the jaw of a less interesting man. I could go on, but I’m sure you get the idea. I’m pretty f***in’ awesome.
The real question is, why shouldn’t someone hire me? 

What do you think of his response? Will someone hire him? Leave a comment or two and let him know.



3 thoughts on “How to respond to job interview questions”

  1. His response made me laugh. I would say leave out the second paragraph – although it is funny and employers want someone with confidence – there is a point where there is too much confidence ;)The first paragraph is very good, and I would hire him in a second as long as he starts with a firm hand shake, projects his voice appropriatly when he speaks and keep the right amount of eye contact (there is a fine balance of eye contact)
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