Rejoining the WorkForce at MidLife

Rejoining the workforce. What a concept.

It isn’t an easy process. But it’s sometimes necessary. That doesn’t change how scary it can be though.


Especially when you haven’t worked in a traditional job in many years.




As a serial entrepreneur, finding just the right job was important to me. I spent many hours searching for and applying for jobs on many of the job boards. These included , , and the Pennsylvania state job board.


I finally accepted a job offer from Levin Furniture after what felt like a long job search. In all actuality my job search took less than a month. It just seemed like a long time.


I came up with a list of tips to help other women in my position that are trying to find a job.


I hope this helps someone.




1. Be Patient.   You are not going to find a job overnight. Take a deep breath and relax as much as possible while you can.


2. Prepare a Resume.  I used a website called which was extremely helpful for summarizing my skills.


3. Apply on job boards such as the ones I mentioned earlier.


4. Let everyone you know that you are searching for a job. They may have some insider knowledge on a job that would be perfect for you.


5. Search LinkedIn and CraigsList for additional job listings.


6. Prepare for interviews.  Practice with a family member or in front of a mirror.


7. Be accepting of rejection.   I won’t lie, some of the rejection emails stung. But they can helpful too. At least now you’ll know where not to follow up.


8. Follow up.  After 30 days check in on places that you applied. Reapply if necessary.


9. Repeat the process and tweak your resume if you feel it’s needed.


10. Enjoy your new job!


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