SingleCare Makes Buying Diabetes Supplies Cheaper

You know what, you guys?  I don’t talk about it often, but having Diabetes totally sucks!

There is so much work involved with maintaining my health due to the diabetes and also with having high blood pressure. But it has to be done.

Certain times of the year present more of challenge to my health than others, of course. All the candy and sweets during holidays can be a terrible temptation. Oh my gosh but don’t I LOVE me some chocolate…



And of course the cute little chocolate eggs in the kids Easter baskets are always calling to me. It’s not bad to have one or two I guess but my problem is that I tend to have one or two  dozen. (oops) lol

Thank goodness that I generally have a decent amount of self control. And what I lack in self control, my kids make up for. “Mom, you really shouldn’t be eating that!” They can guilt me in to not eating so badly. Most of the time..


Another thing that really helps in my fight against the diabetes monster and the other complications that go with it, is maintaining my diet and health routine. Controlling both my diabetes and my high blood pressure starts with routine visits to my health care provider. Knowing that I need to check in with the doctor periodically helps to keep me on track at least a little bit. The doctor makes sure that the medications that I am prescribed are working for me. Without medication, diabetes and high blood pressure can take a disastrous toll on my body very quickly.

That would totally suck. I want to be around to enjoy grandchildren someday. That won’t happen if I don’t take care of myself.


Once I get that prescription for my medications at the doctor’s office, I need to get it filled at a pharmacy. An unfilled prescription is just a worthless piece of paper, you guys!

Thank goodness I have decent insurance that covers most of the cost of my prescriptions. But not everyone is so lucky including some of my friends and family.

That’s why SingleCare exists. To help save you money on prescriptions like diabetes supplies and high blood pressure medications. In fact, right now they have a bystolic coupon 2018 to help you save.

Cause no one wants to pay more for medications than they have to pay.


Remember, taking care of you is the best thing you can do for your family.

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