It’s My Birthday, I’ll Cry If I Want To

I know, that’s really not how that song goes. But everytime I say “It’s my birthday” that’s what pops into my head next.  Do I listen to oldies music too much? I don’t have anything to cry about today. Of course there are hundreds of things that I could write about that would make me tear up. The state of the economy, civil unrest in the middle east. starving children etc. etc.etc… But nothing on a personal level. I had a GREAT time at the Central Florida Blogging Conference Saturday. […]

Don’t miss Busch Gardens Coke and Coaster Nights!

Ever dreamed of staying in an amusement park past closing time? Want to play after dark when the crowds go home? Then don’t miss Busch Gardens Tampa Bay’s Coke and Coaster Nights. A night devoted solely to passholders which means no vacationing tourists in the park!  Not that tourists are a bad thing,but the crowds during the day CAN be a bit daunting.  I enjoy the late nights in the park for the ambiance as well as how much cooler the air is. The park truly is a different place after […]