7 Must Have Android Apps for Bloggers

        As a blogger, it’s often hard to wade through the thousands upon thousands of Android apps to find ones that are useful and relevant to daily life. More often than not,we now use our smartphones for everything. Here is a list of 7 apps that I’ve found very useful. They are not in any particular order. Dolphin Browser A fast and smooth web browser for your phone. Includes a personalized home screen and gesture control. WordPress Most bloggers (including me) prefer to use WordPress for their […]

When did I grow older?

As I stand here waiting to go into the school for the sixth (6, really?) time to see one of my kids graduate elementary school, I can’t help but wonder when I had time to grow old?!? It seems like such a short time ago that I was still in high school. I see the faces of those that I went to school with on their Facebook pages and sorry but -damn, they look so old! I didn’t age that much, did I? I know I’ve put on a few […]

When the words won’t come.

  What do you do when the words won’t flow? I mean, I know that they are there, my head is filled with them. My brain is overflowing with the things that I want to say. They are pounding in my ears. Pressing against the backs of my eyes. My head is so filled with thought that I can barely function in the day to day tasks of life. Sleep comes in fitful piecemeal bites. As I dream, I write. More thoughts fill my head. Seeking an outlet. Needing to […]